Presidents Message
At the time of this writing, it looks as if spring is almost here. With that its only a matter of time before Earl closes down our ice rink. A big thank you to a Earl for a great season,... until next fall ! We had a very successful Family Day event, thanks to all the volunteers, board members and staff that made this possible. As in the past, the City of Edmonton appears to be at odds with our Community League, as well other community leagues. The latest surprise from City Hall for us was the establishment of a 'community garden' along the green space along 53 AV , ... without community consultation. Thanks to our city councilor Sarah Hamilton, this issue was quickly resolved to the communities satisfaction. Our neighbours at the MAC site still exceed their occupancy rate on Fridays which result in excessive traffic and parking problems. The City has agreed to enforce the parking bylaws, but until they decide to enforce the occupancy bylaws, parking and traffic problems will remain. Our AGM is in April, I would like to thank our volunteers, Board members and staff for their support and commitment to our community. Consider becoming involved in our Community League ! In closing, on behalf of the Board, I would like to wish everyone who celebrates, a Happy Easter and Passover ! As in every message, please don't drink /tok/text and drive.
Lessard Calling Card
by Heather Miller


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